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Megen first with innovative acoustic technology

Innovative energy saving climate control in building of cultural heritage in Megen.

The control system uses measurements with sound of temperatures and air speeds. Based on this information the down draught along windows will be greatly reduced, thereby reducing convective losses. This creates energy savings. So a comfortable climate can be created at a lower ambient temperature (one degree lower temperature provides 6% energy savings).

The religious heritage is a characteristic of North-Brabant. According to the forecasts, 50-90% of the churches in North-Brabant will close in the next ten years. The maintenance and operating costs are increasing. Making these buildings exploitable - and thus the conservation of them - requires an energetic improvement. Complicating is that traditional energy savings and energy generation techniques are limited due to their impact on cultural-historical values.
The new ACvent climate control is an innovative method that contributes to energy improvement and thus offers a better future to use of churches.

For the first time this innovative acoustic technology is used in the built environment in a cultural heritage church of the Minderbroeders Franciscanen in Megen,

The measurement and control method can be applied to churches and other large energy-guzzling spaces with low comfort. This will be a significant step towards into sustainability of large energy-consuming buildings, including cultural heritage and large halls.